Train Your Dog To Bow

train your dog to bow

Training your dog to perform tricks is not only fun, but it can also improve your bond with your furry friend. One of the tricks that can impress your family and friends is teaching your dog to bow. Bowing is a simple trick that involves your dog lowering their head and front legs, resembling a… Continue reading Train Your Dog To Bow

Dog Muzzles

dog muzzle training

WOW what a great time at the Fair yesterday. Flash and I had so much fun! Thanks for the tickets Travis Davidson & Denise Croyle! We started out yesterday in Flashes very hated muzzle. I put it on him to make people feel more comfortable around him. You see a dog like Flash will pick… Continue reading Dog Muzzles

Get Your Dog To Love His Food Again

Best Dog Training Methods

Every once in a while, Flash becomes bored with his food. Especially his kibble. Here is how I handle it. Mozzarella Cheese First I water the kibble down. I am always concerned about him breaking a tooth or something. Next I put Mozzarella Cheese on it and mix it in. I let it sit a… Continue reading Get Your Dog To Love His Food Again