Hormonal Harmony

Support with your goals

The other day I was a the GYM talking to a friend. He started laying out to me what I find a lot of people having trouble with. As he makes his goals and tries to structure his diet but, he has no support from the other members in his household. As he tries to watch what he eats he does have weaknesses like the rest of us have. Late night feeling a little hungry and you go to the refrigerator open the door and there is a cake, apple pie, milk, cookies, lots of white bread. As he scrolls down to the bottom he finds Philadelphia cream cheese, of course none of this is on his diet for his weight loss plan. So going over to the cupboard he opens it and finds chips, Doritos  and more cookies. Feeling tired from the day he gives into weakness and partakes of the forbidden foods.

Suggestions on the shopping.

If you have a partner that mainly does the shopping you might want to sit down with them and tell them that it means a lot to you to accomplish your goals and that you really need their support. You might even want to tell them that you love the forbidden foods and when you are faced with them every day you are going to give into temptation. See if they will let you make the grocery list together, there are all kids of good diets out there and good tasting food that will help you with your goals.

Your Associates

Believe it or not the people you associate with will have a real impact on your goals. It is important that you focus on the friendships that will be a positive force in achieving your goals. Negativity is poison when you finally make up the decision to take care of yourself. Your partner in life can be your greatest supporter or your greatest downfall. As you watch your health decline its very frustrating when no one seems to care but you.

Some other things that will help you achieve your fitness goals

1. Have a no excuses attitude, the more excuses you make for yourself to cheat the worse it will be for you.

2. Get involved in health and fitness forums, when you flood your thoughts with health and fitness you will be subliminally changing your outlook on the subject.

3. Try out different exercises, this can keep your workouts fresh and you also attract the attention of other fitness buffs by bringing something new into the GYM.

4. Try out different supplements. One thing about supplements is that sometimes they work real good for a while but it is good to switch it up. Your body will become immune to the supplement if you use it too much.

Focus Focus Focus

Remember its a lifestyle, its not something your trying out its a way of life.


I hope this article gave some good suggestions with your fitness goals. Thanks for reading.