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Red Meat, Butter and Vino, and Staying Lean?

Hope you all are having a fabulous week 🙂
I write a lot about implementing balance with our eating, and many of you resonate with that. But I think for some, there exists a small crumpet of doubt when we hear words like “moderation”, “reduction” and “treats.” We don’t like these words.

They are kiiiiiiind of not hardcore enough. They are a little wimpy. And they don’t really get results, do they? You might now be thinkin…what?? “I can eat my cheese, drink some wine and stay lean, seriously??”

Hee hee. Well, I get that. And I have poo-poo’ed the idea of moderation for a long time. I thought it was for Grandma and for those who had no willpower or who weren’t tough enough to hack the hard stuff. And agreeably, that’s actually not untrue … except for the fact that willpower and discipline eventually give out, and when they do, most of us end up binge eating like crazy. Im sooo guilty of this…
So in a way, throwing ourselves a few nutritional bones (…chocolate bones for me) ahead of time might actually make us more compliant in the long run, which (surprise!) DOES lead to overall sustainable leanness. Go figure! 🙂

In a previous blog, I talked about what I call Controlled Cheating -my strategies to keep indulgences sane. I break down tactics I use to feel less deprived overall and because of that, am less likely to binge, especially around my period (sorry guys, I had to bring this up). I sincerely believe strategic nutritional concessions can actually boost long-term compliance.

HOWEVER … this is where Skeptical Sally comes in. It’s all fine and well to indulge in small cheats here and there, but does that really get results???

I took the shot below (unfiltered) this week, the morning after dining out on the following meal: bison burgers, avocado slices, asparagus cooked in butter and 2 glasses of wine. No bread, no dessert, no extra starch. But yes, red meat, butter and vino. Is it competition-clean? No. But will it make me feel satisfied and satiated to the point that I don’t need anything else? Absolutely.


Everyone will be different, obviously. And it has taken me close to SIX YEARS to begin to master the moderate approach. But honestly, I do think less about what I am going to eat. I try to eat to feel satisfied and limit stressing about it. I don’t want to get anxious if I don’t have my Tupperwares and ‘safe’ foods with me. I TRUST that I can make the best choice possible wherever I end up, even if, yes, it is veggies dowsed in butter 🙂

I’d love to hear where you’re at with this stuff. Are you still caught up in the “all-or-nothing” crash dieting approach, where you are EITHER on a strict diet OR you are eating everything in sight?

I’m not judging … I did that for years. But mastering moderation takes a leap of faith, a willingness to try a new way and then struggle your way through it. It’s rewarding and liberating and awesome. But it starts with YOU letting go of the illusion of control you think you have over your eating. Deprive-then-binge is not a fun way to live. It’s obsessive and controlling and a nutritional prison (not to mention an emotional one).
So what do you say? Gonna take steps toward the middle? Hit the comment button and send me a sentence or two on your own process!
Stay Strong – Amber