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Anastacia is a health and wellness expert, magazine/blog writer and co-author of the book, It’s Not Your Fault, It’s Your Hormones. She owns and operates Fit-To-Protect (http://fittoprotect.net), and works as a Wellness Programing Consultant for several organizations. She earned a B.A. in Experimental Psychology and MSc in Exercise Physiology and Wellness. Anastacia is also an NSCA-certified personal trainer with over 8 years and 10,000 hours of personal training and coaching experience, as well as a YogaFit Instructor. For fun, Anastacia enjoys travel, being a foodie, hanging out on her yoga trapeze, surfing, SUP, hiking, rock climbing, primal workouts in nature, and spending QT with her husband, family and new and old friends. She is most passionate about helping others achieve lifetime fitness, holistic wellness and happiness by encouraging them to investigate their unique biochemistry, metabolism, hormonal environment, preferences, lifestyle and food habits to discover ways to live younger and healthier longer!

Anastacia is a blog author at TrainingQuestion.com and contributing writer at New York Health and Wellness (nyhealthandwellness.com). Where she helps women and men, through her writing, improve their lifestyle, diet, fitness and health. Anastacia believes the outside changes begin by changing the inside first, and without a behavioral coaching element and inner body balance, any physical change is temporary.

Anastacia has appeared regularly as a Fitness and Wellness Expert on WKBN News and ESPN Radio 1240 (Youngstown, OH), The Debbie Nigro Show 1490 WGCH NY, and works as an Anatomy and Physiology Instructor with Youngstown State University.

Stats: 5’10” 36-29-39, Happy Fat lbs!

Personal Motto: I am doing the best I can, and it is good enough!

Goals: My goals have shifted over the last several years in the fitness & wellness industry. After doing many years of health promotion work in the media and other public venues, it has become even more important to me to make a bigger difference in the industry. Beautiful physiques are enviable, but they are not what matters the most, in my opinion.

My personal goals include taking my education, expertise and experience and using it to create something bigger than myself in order to reach and help more people. I am working on finishing my first book with co-author, Mitch Suss, CEO of New York Health & Wellness/Balance 3H+ Medical Weight Loss Program (http://balance3hplus.com). My passion and purpose is in learning and teaching. I have many interests and I want to explore them all—business, psychology, productivity, lifestyle, nutrition, training, etc.



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What a welcome site. Much can be done by ourselves to enhance our well being. I have the same goal as you, but with a milder tone. I hope to have people do a little more each day toward their health. Health and happiness will come tiptoeing on silent feet if we will just do a little each day for ourselves. As an old codger, I do not hope to bring about sudden changes in most people. Thanks for being there to inspire people. Jerry Kyle

Thanks for your comments Jerry. Glad you have a found your own path to helping others gain greater accountability for their health and their results. It wonderful to know that you are making such an positive difference for people you connect with! 🙂

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