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Advice For Those Wanting Extreme Leanness

If you want to get extremely lean, that’s cool. Just make sure you realize that it will be difficult and it might not be the healthiest thing for your body long-term. If you do want to achieve this level of leanness, make sure you:

1. Do your research and find a great coach who will listen to your wants and needs.

2. Are being honest about your priorities. Whether you prioritize getting lean, being healthy, or achieving a high level of performance, this will help mentally prepare you for any consequences (goor or bad) of what you’re doing.

3. Recognize what you’re truly looking for. If you think being extremely lean will bring you happiness/respect/self-esteem/a significant other, you’ll be extremely lean and sorely disappointed.

4. Aren’t afraid to ask your coach questions. If they try to intimidate you or don’t listen to you, don’t be afraid to fire them. They work for you.

5. Don’t do/take anything that makes you uncomfortable. Listen to your body. It knows best.

Finally, please remember, this is your life and it’s your decision. If it’s something that you want to do, more power to you. But please, please, please take the advice of the people who have been there and done that.

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