Hormonal Harmony

What does status have to do with your fat loss journey?

Ever wonder why so many people feel compelled to argue with you, contradict ideas and be generally disagreeable? Because “STATUS” is one of the major needs of the human brain.

People do not like feeling out of the know and often subconsciously resist information others present. This is a telltale sign of insecurity since it is their perception not yours that creates the in-congruency in their mind. People would prefer to be at the same level or above others. This is why chat boards are often filled with negative and contradictory comments (and why people act the way they do on FB :-)).

The need for status can be so powerful in some that they will literally find something wrong in almost anything you present. Ever meet anyone like that? You write an incredibly moving passage and they will point out all the misspelled words. Formulate a well thought out argument and rather than agree they will find the one flaw in it, eat healthy and they will make sure to reprimand you for not having fun, take up exercise and they will tell you why your chosen form of exercise is not as good as their own. And on and on it goes.

Why do we bring this up? Because the process of body change is an individual endeavor and often takes a thick skin. Understanding why the people in your life act this way can provide new insight. We realize it is frustrating, but many of these people are simply being human and not all of us are equally secure. Realize that status seeking is a game they can’t help but play and rather than buy into it, continue finding your own solution. Try to let go of the subconscious need for status in yourself and don’t take it as personal when others do it. Focus on the honest pursuit of what works for you instead.

I would love to hear from you on this topic. Please send me your comments and stories.
In good health, XXX-Amber

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