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How do you not give in to familial temptation?

How do you not give in to familial temptation (e.g., to have a second piece of pie or eat something you know is bad for you) this 4th of July or any other day we get together with family/friends?

Practice! Skillfully navigating pressure to eat and food pushers at family gathers and holidays takes confidence and a well- rehearsed response. Before the event, when you are alone, practice your “no thank you response.” Like rehearsing a play, the more easily it rolls off your tongue, the more you will be able to do it in the moment. It’s easy to persuade someone to have another piece when they hesitate. A confident “no” will convince them to back off.

Be sure to breathe. Take a few deep breaths when you are with friends and family. Oxygen to the brain helps you to think clearer and make better choices. It also helps to move your body into relaxation mode. You make better choices when your body is at ease.

Have a substitute. Stuff your pocket with a few stevia sweetened gum pieces or whatever “safe” food you choose. Pop it in your mouth to avoid the temptation to mindlessly pop their junk food choices in your mouth.

Distract. Move your family away from the kitchen table. Even shifting a few feet away from the table significantly decreases the chances that you will eat mindlessly. Or, bring old family pictures or outdoor games to keep them occupied and entertained. But, most of all be safe this holiday, really connect with your loved ones, and have FUN!

As always, in good health, Amber

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