Save Time with SuperSets

So what is a SuperSet? A SuperSets can be defined as:  The act of performing a set of one exercise directly after a set of a different exercise. This has the dual benefit of saving you time in the gym and enhancing fat loss. This tool is great to have in your fitness arsenal.


Enhance Fat Loss:

1. Supersets (w/ moderate to heavy weights) will enhance fat loss better than long cardio bouts or standard straight sets because between each exercise you have little to no rest.  This raises heart rate and keeps it elevated throughout the workout. This jumpstarts your metabolism.


Saves time:

2. These back to back sets can save time and prevent overtraining as well. Overtraining occurs when you don’t give yourself enough rest and proper nutrition to recover (when workouts are too long, testosterone levels slowly decrease and cortisol levels rise-this is opposite of what you want). Superset training keeps workouts short and places a lot of focus on training a certain area of the body very intensely.


HOW TO DO IT: Perform a couple straight sets of chest exercises, like bench press or machine press, then include a superset of dips and push ups at the end. Perform as many supersets back to back as you can, then rest and eat. Avoid doing too many supersets for the same body parts too often. This could lead to overtraining or adaptation.


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