Hi Amber! Can you tell me what your latest session time would be either this upcoming week or the following? Thursday's and Saturdays are definitely out for me over the next 2 weeks sine I won't have help with the baby. Just let me know some options, then I can check with my husband to get his schedule. Also, I read about your 30 day Real food plan, my question is what happens afte the 30 days? Will you be able to eat other foods? I would like to get more info from you for the Real food plan, I'm struggling sticking to the original plan I have been on since April, the calorie counting is getting to me and I find myself currently snacking on foods that I crave versus healthy foods to fill me up more. Anyways, let me know when you have some openings so I can get in with you! You can email me at [email protected]

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  1. Amber says:

    Hi Kelly, After you finish going through the 30-day “Whole You” program you may want to reintroduce some “grey area” foods like dairy, legumes and white rice, and if you must, the occasional sugar from natural sources, like unrefined honey, maple syrup, etc. to see if you tolerate them. And you may also want to tinker with macronutrient ratios, meal timing and frequency, fermented foods, and several other “tweaks”. (If you need a little guidance with this process, I will be available here or by appointment. The program is designed to help you create your own ideal version of a real food diet, rather than following a canned approach. We can talk during your next appointment or ask me another question here. Thanks!

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