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Advice for Great Looking Skin

When it comes to having healthy skin, I’m ALWAYS learning. Moreover, I’m ALWAYS experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t. Not gonna lie: sometimes the results are disastrous. Sometimes, however, they’re fantastic. These are a few of those strategies … Continue reading

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Can Alcohol Fit Into My Healthy Lifestyle?

A cave man real food (and drink) diet doesn’t forbid us of alcohol. The key to successfully imbibing alcohol while living healthy is choosing the right adult beverages and consuming them in a responsible, intentional way. There’s an appropriate time … Continue reading

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It Is Time To Ditch Your Fat Loss Timetable

One of the quickest ways to disappointment is to give yourself strict, rigid rules that need to be followed to perfection. One way in which we set ourselves up for disappointment and even more DE-motivation is through setting a time … Continue reading

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Cardio Secrets to Reduce Body Fat

We probably all know that cardio helps reduce body fat, but what type(s) work best? How can you avoid wasting away lean muscle mass? Below, I’ll reveal some of the answers to these questions and provide you with cardio secrets … Continue reading

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The cool thing about humans is that even though we can do long division, think about our place in the universe, program a week’s worth of meals, solve complex problems using logic, and perform other tasks indicative of high intelligence, … Continue reading

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How to get STRONGER with AGE….

I have to be honest with you. I am an aging athlete. And regardless of how “old” you are, you’re aging as well. Most days I don’t feel old. In fact, in a lot of ways I feel every bit … Continue reading

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MY Training Tip For Everyone Today Is: Being overweight and out-of-shape is hard. Being lean and in-shape is hard. Choose your hard. Let’s get serious people! Do it and have fun! xxx, Amber

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My Coaching Approach to Getting You Results

Over the years, I’ve fine-tuned my coaching approach toward my clients, based on constant research and a desire to go beyond mainstream advice and delve deeper into fitness and nutrition. I personally don’t really have this amazing success story, as … Continue reading

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Do you know how to Breath Right?

Here’s an email I sent to all of my clients. Keeping your clients educated is SOOO important. I talk about breathing and how it’s so important to breathe right. Do you have dysfunctional breathing?…. Fixing your breathing could change your … Continue reading

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Today’s Training Tip

Today’s Training Tip – Measuring Your Progress: If you’re really interested in measuring progress, make sure to do it on various levels (not just the scale). Keep track of your body fat pinches and or circumference measurements. Keep track of … Continue reading

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